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SELLING: Buck-Tick, Chisato, Penicillin, hide, Miyavi and more!

Hey everyone! I'm doing some Autumn cleaning and found a lot of things I wish to not have anymore and believe they deserve a better home. I do not listen or partake much, or any, in the J-rock community anymore and would love to offer you all of my old things for super cheap.

First and foremost, this is my username with my quilt. All product should be photographed on it.


1. Fool's Mate November 1993 - $7 or FREE with Jacket purchase.
2. lemoned Rocket Dive hide jacket - $120
3. lemoned hide sling bag - FREE with Jacket purchase

Bag and jacket are real. Jacket purchase was highlighted on my receipt.


1. Chisato - WAKE UP! single - $3
2. Penicillin - hell bound heart album - $6 (third company brand)
3. Chisato - Cyber Soul Pavilion album - $9
4. Chisato - 電撃ミサイル2000 single - $4
5. "R" - self titled album - $9
6. Crack6 - get fired up mini album - $7
7. Chisato - Surf Side Attack! single - $4
Buy them all together for only: $30 and ALSO receive this:

I went to a special concert while in Japan of O-JIRO vs. Chisato and got this porcelain cup as a "Christmas" gift (being a Christmas concert). So if you're a giant fan and buy all these, I throw that in too!

BUCK-TICK/Sakurai Atsushi

1. BUCK-TICK - Dokudanjo Beauty single Limited Edition - $13
2.BUCK-TICK - Rendezvous single Limited Edition - $10
3.BUCK-TICK - Heaven single Limited Edition - $10
4.BUCK-TICK - Momento Mori album - $17
NOT PICTURED5.BUCK-TICK - Tenshi no Revolver album Limited Edition- $15 (I have it, I just have to find it in one of my boxes)
Buy them all together for only: $50 and ALSO receive this:

Two Buck-Tick VHS that I found while in Japan. One is of MAD/Angelic Conversation and the other one is a huge compilation of their first PVs, so it's over an hour long or so.

1. BUCK-TICK Tour 2007 Tenshi no Revolver DVD Limited Edition with postcards and photobook - $65

1.Sakurai Atsushi - Sacrifice single - $5 (I have two copies. One unwrapped, the other is wrapped)
2.Sakurai Atsushi - Wakusei -Rebirth- single - $4
3.Sakurai Atsushi - Taiji/Smell single - $4
4.Sakurai Atsushi - Ai no Wakusei album - $20
Buy them all together for only:$25

BUY ALL BUCK-TICK/ATSUSHI SAKURAI ITEMS for $125 and get both these magazine for free:

Or $7 each!


1. Miyavi - Gayluu album - $6 (third company brand)
2. Miyavi - Sakihokoru Hana no Yoni / Kabuki BOIZ single (First Press) - $6
Buy them all together for only: $10

Schwarz Stein/Kaya

1. Kaya - Chocolat single (Limited Edition and First Press) - $9
2. Schwarz Stein - New Vogue Children album - &6 (third company brand)
Buy them all together for only:$12

The Slut Banks

1. The Slut Banks - Best Of album - $10 - or for FREE with Jacket purchase as well.


• I will make shipping a flat rate of $5 in the US, international will be $10. Shipping may be more if you decide to go nuts and want to buy a lot, but that will be no issue and I will just invoice the price.

I am located in Atlanta, GA, USA

My paypal is sakura [@] heartyougood [dot] com


• Please feel free to haggle prices, but I've knocked them super low. Even compared to prices and shipping I did all the time on CD Japan. So I would like to hope this is a pretty fair price. Also feel free to ask questions or request more pictures.
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