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Konnichiwa minna!

My team and I are interested in developing a cool project: A blog for the community who admires and enjoys Japanese pop culture, like me, passionate Japan. We will bring news and trivia with different themes like Jmusic, fashion, behavior , event coverage and more. We want to hear from you, whether it's cool, what you like to see and know! Thank you in advance!


Penicillin - Singles 30€
Penicillin - Cell(CD+DVD Limited Edition)35€


Condition: like new
Shipping: From Germany to Worldwide via registered mail
Payment: Papal

If you are interested, send me a message.
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Another sales post, mostly 8cms

Hello, I am having a $2 Jrock Box Sale over in my LJ HERE.

I need to part with with copies of: Butterfly, Make Love, 99 banme no yoru, limelight, missing link, Imitation Love, Romance, & Blue Moon. I also have Chisato singles, like Kick!, Cyber Rose, Fallin over you, Kissin' the Moonlight, and Dance with the Wild Things.
There's other artists too. Please check it out, I ship internationally. Thank you!
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SELLING: Buck-Tick, Chisato, Penicillin, hide, Miyavi and more!

Hey everyone! I'm doing some Autumn cleaning and found a lot of things I wish to not have anymore and believe they deserve a better home. I do not listen or partake much, or any, in the J-rock community anymore and would love to offer you all of my old things for super cheap.

CDs, magazines, VHS, DVD and clothing: BUCK-TICK, Sakurai Atsushi, Penicillin, Chisato, hide, Miyavi, Schwarz Stein, Kaya, and a lot more!Collapse )