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PENICILLIN Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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Read guys plis =D [20 Mar 2013|04:58pm]


Konnichiwa minna!

My team and I are interested in developing a cool project: A blog for the community who admires and enjoys Japanese pop culture, like me, passionate Japan. We will bring news and trivia with different themes like Jmusic, fashion, behavior , event coverage and more. We want to hear from you, whether it's cool, what you like to see and know! Thank you in advance!


Selling [21 Oct 2012|03:54pm]

Penicillin - Singles 30€
Penicillin - Cell(CD+DVD Limited Edition)35€


Condition: like new
Shipping: From Germany to Worldwide via registered mail
Payment: Papal

If you are interested, send me a message.

magazine selling [07 Oct 2012|08:18pm]

hi there, I'm selling an amount of japanese magazines including some with Penicillin in. Please have a look over at my lj if you're interested!

For.Sale [21 Sep 2012|07:14pm]

We still have a few Penicillin/machine stuffs still going for sale here; all are rare and/or out of print! Discounted prices!

Please look here! :) --->


(Also many other J-artists' goods for sale in the same journal! Go take a look~!)

Thank you ;D ♥

Another sales post, mostly 8cms [30 Mar 2012|02:08pm]

Hello, I am having a $2 Jrock Box Sale over in my LJ HERE.

I need to part with with copies of: Butterfly, Make Love, 99 banme no yoru, limelight, missing link, Imitation Love, Romance, & Blue Moon. I also have Chisato singles, like Kick!, Cyber Rose, Fallin over you, Kissin' the Moonlight, and Dance with the Wild Things.
There's other artists too. Please check it out, I ship internationally. Thank you!

DS: Penicillin, Buck-Tick, Ziggy, and more! [13 Feb 2011|04:29pm]

Hi everyone!
I'm selling a ton of jrock cds, including Penicillin's No. 53 for $12!

Pictures of the CDs are in this post, and you can view my feedback here
I accept paypal and ship internationally!

Rock Opera Hamlet CD and Mad Men Tour Book on Ebay [27 Oct 2010|06:11pm]

ONE DAY LEFT on two rare Pencillin items!

Penicillin in Rock Opera Hamlet CD

Penicillin Mad Men Tour book
^-already has one bid
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SELLING: Buck-Tick, Chisato, Penicillin, hide, Miyavi and more! [29 Sep 2010|04:01pm]

Hey everyone! I'm doing some Autumn cleaning and found a lot of things I wish to not have anymore and believe they deserve a better home. I do not listen or partake much, or any, in the J-rock community anymore and would love to offer you all of my old things for super cheap.

CDs, magazines, VHS, DVD and clothing: BUCK-TICK, Sakurai Atsushi, Penicillin, Chisato, hide, Miyavi, Schwarz Stein, Kaya, and a lot more!Collapse )
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Selling - PENICILLIN Tour 09 Supernova pamphlet [13 May 2010|01:23pm]

Hi !
I'm selling the TOUR 09' Supernova pamplet here

Size: A4
36 pages
Condition: NEW
Price: 22

PENICILLIN on Jrock Band? [30 Mar 2010|10:03pm]


What Jrock artists do you want to see on Rock Band? PENICILLIN? We're leaving it up to YOU, the fans, to tell US who you think ought to be in! Cast your vote today!
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Give PENICILLIN Candy for Valentines Day! [03 Feb 2010|01:44am]

[ mood | excited ]

Ever wanted to give candy to the guys for Valentines Day? Well now you can! http://musicjapanplus.jp/articles/?action=article_page&articles_id=2243&article_data_id=2244 vote and send them which one you like (probably 2-4 since they're a band and not just one person) and if they get enough votes they'll get some ^_^


Report of PENICILLIN Live at SHIBUYA O-EASE [08 Jan 2010|06:40pm]

Looking at 'Tours' in a Fresh Light
PENICILLIN TOUR2009 '激しく吹かcell。 / Hageshiku Fuka-cell。'
Dec 13th at SHIBUYA O-EAST

English | 日本語

After releasing their new album 'cell', PENICILLIN began a nationwide tour titled 'PENICILLIN TOUR2009 "激しく吹かcell。 / Hageshiku Fuka-cell。 [lit. 'Blow Hard']"'. Starting from Yokohama's SUNPHONIX HALL in YOKOHAMA ARENA on November 7th, they performed in 10 cities. PENICILLIN played many songs included in their new album, and with each concert the songs steadily 'evolved'. Everything culminated in their final concert at SHIBUYA O-EAST on December 13th.

Read the whole report here!


PENICILLIN Mini-Interview [11 Dec 2009|06:45pm]

Hallo everyone!

How busy are you during the end of this year?
We are pretty busy to provide you with the latest news!

Check here for a little interview with PENICILLIN as they will be holding their Tour Final this weekend!

It's right here:

Take a look!

Your mJp-Team!

still selling [24 Nov 2009|12:20pm]

still stuff for sale here!

Please take a look if you're interested!

Thank youuuu!!! ^O^

V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09 Fashion Show Report [21 Nov 2009|08:53pm]

[VRF × MJP] V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09 Fashion Show Report

'V-ROCK FESTIVAL '09' was held on October 24th and 25th at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls 9-11. During the world's biggest live event [department store] Laforet Harajuku and [fashion magazine] KERA jointly held a fashion show called 'Laforet×KERA V-ROCK Collection'. In two days about 12,000 fashion and music fans enjoyed the show that took place on the S-STAGE. Although the atmosphere surrounding the stage was markedly different from the others, the fans were all equally excited. For the fashion show, artists leading the visual-kei industry lent a helping hand as well. Each artist became a model for each participating fashion brand. Fans of the musicians were treated to a rare spectacle.

Read the whole report here!


Tradition I guess... [19 Nov 2009|09:44am]

[ mood | busy ]

new album (cell) translations---->


feel free to look if you like, thanks! :]


sales! [29 Oct 2009|01:49pm]

Selling! peni posters going for sale here!
(There are also other jrock sales posts in the same journal, myv, gazette, nightmare etc)

If you like, Please take a look :D

Thank you very much!! ♥ (^0^)/

[VRF × MJP] PENICILLIN presenting themselves in their own way UP!! [23 Oct 2009|07:16pm]

 [VRF × MJP] PENICILLIN presenting themselves in their own way!

V-ROCK FESTIVAL'09 is only one day away!
We have published the handwritten answers of the artists every Tuesday, but this time we will present a very special version! 

Finally, it became PENICILLIN's time to express their enthusiasm for V-ROCK FESTIVAL'09!
The band is known as one of the greatest Visual-kei bands ever. 
You can expect that they will have a bigger impact on the audience than any other bands on the stage!

By the way, HAKUEI will appear in the fashion show as a model too!
If you are interested in what clothes he will wear on the stage, check the list of the brands featured in the show among the news. 

See Chisato's cute drawing and how enthusiastic O-JIRO is!


Seasonal Survey feat. PENICILLIN [22 Oct 2009|06:28pm]

 Three seasonal surveys have been updated today!!

They are PENICILLIN, Alice Nine, and Kagrra,!
Enjoy in both English and Chinese! 

[Seasonal Survey] Autumn of XX Q&A feat. Penicillin

Autumn is approaching and the weather has been more and more pleasant in Tokyo.
In mountainous areas you can enjoy the stunning views and scenery as autumn leaves are turning red or yellow.
Also autumn foods from the sea and the mountains are just in season.

In Japan we have various activities to do especially in autumn as it's a pleasant season to do something and we call it "Autumn of ●●".
For example we call it "Autumn of sport", meaning that we can enjoy sports in a cool and pleasant breeze.
Also in "Autumn of reading", it feels really great to read books surrounded by trees with colored leaves.

Many people enjoy the season by spending their time actively in "Autumn of ●●".
This time we have PENICILLIN to get them talk about autumn!
The band is known for their unique world, but how are they going to spend the season?
Their answers show us how well they get along!

Enjoy them all through to the end♪
(This time HAKUEI couldn't make it, but no doubt he's having a great season in this pleasant autumn!) 


EXPERIMENT [17 Oct 2009|11:28pm]

We are planning to carry out a little experiment on how color perception of PENICILLIN songs wary in different individuals. Our main objective is to determine whether different people associate songs with the same colors or not, and if the do, to match songs with their colors.

Taking into account that PENICILLIN had released enormous quantity of songs, we decided to use only 25 in our experiment. We asked Aion, who proclaims to have vivid color associations with music, to choose 25 songs, witch colors she sees most unambiguous. And here are these songs:

Bara, Brand New Lover, Byakuro no mai, Galaxy train, Imiation Love, Jump#1, Kyuuketsuki, Limit Complex, Little Love Story, Love dragoon, Make love, Mind Master Mind, Misery, Mr. Freez, Never ending story, New Future, Nuclear Fusion, One star, Piero, Quarter Doll, Rasen Kaidan, Shijima, Taiyou no kuni, Tomorrow, Yume no tsuzuki

If you would like to participate in our experiment, please, follow instructions:

1) Download archive with 25 songs from here,
2) Listen to these songs on shuffle,
3) Match every song with the most appropriate color,
4) Send results to colors@penicillin.su using any convenient method:
— as a picture
— as a text/text file with color codes in RGB or HSB formats
— fill the table that you can find inside the folder with songs
— any other way that you consider easier for you.

The results will be published on http://penicillin.su
We will also post here to inform you about the results.
Everything is anonymous. Final results won’t contain your name etc

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